Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Do Dogs Run in Circles Before They Poop?

Everyday my human mom asks why I run in circles before I poop. It’s not something I think about. I, and most dogs, just do it. Here is probably the main reason I run in circles.

Okay, so I’ve just been let out after a long night. I’ve done a couple laps around the living room and I can sense that things are beginning to move inside.

I stand on the porch and look out over the measureless expanse of grass in the front yard. To me, a Chihuahua, it looks like a vast sea of green. Of course to a Great Dane it would look like a throw rug.

I start to ponder where would be the BEST place to do my business this morning. I stand and my eyes start to take it all in. Today I think I’ll head over to the northeast corner…haven’t been there in awhile and I jump off the porch. The first thing that hits my nose, once I’m in the wet grass, is the smell of deer. I run around sniffing deer for a few feet and then see a nice pile of deer poop which is really a tasty treat for us dogs. Of course if my human mom sees me pick up a little morsel she screams at me to drop it. Those humans should just try it.

Now, you must know, I’m not making a beeline to the desired spot. I make zigzag paths around the entire yard. By the time I DO make it to the northeast corner I begin to think that the entire animal kingdom has been in my yard from all the smells I’ve come across.

Finally, after several minutes of sniffing over pretty much most of the yard I arrive at my pooping place. By now things in my belly are really starting to churn and I put my nose to the ground to find THE BEST grassy place to poop. I’m sniffing, sniffing, turning, turning, sniffing, turning faster, sniffing, turning faster, faster until I can’t turn any faster and I POOP! My human mom says, “Good job, Sam, why did it take you so long?”

So, why do we run in circles? I can give you many reasons, but I guess that’s just something you humans will have to disuss for many years to come. You just don’t understand.